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Think Abouts

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From: Is It Okay To Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?

By: Karl Fisch


In order to teach it, we have to do it. How can we teach this to kids, how can we model it, if we aren’t literate ourselves? You need to experience this, you need to explore right along with your students. You need to experience the tools they’ll be using in the 21st century, developing your own networks in parallel with your students. You need to demonstrate continual learning, lifelong learning – for your students, or you will continue to teach your students how to be successful in an age that no longer exists.



From: What does Worker 2.0 look like?

By: Chris Champion


Point one: work can happen anywhere.

Point two: this company hadn’t hired just her, they had hired her social network.

Point three: what some of us consider hyperactive she considered her forte.




From: Creativity and Leadership (my emphasis)

By: Sir Ken Robinson


I believe that the skill of leaders in organizations—whether schools, commercial organizations, symphonies or theaters—is knowing what conditions are necessary for people to develop their talents and for good ideas to propagate. That means moving beyond the industrial model of command and control and being much more in the process of understanding how organic cultures work. Successful organisms grow synergistically with the environment. There’s a mutual strength derived from a plant enriching its environment as it grows. This is about moving away from a mechanistic industrial model of organizational development towards one that is based on the idea of cultural processes and synergy.


... someone at the top that provides both inspiration and opportunity. It has to be that way if you’re interested in innovation and creativity.


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