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High Intensity Workout

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Learning task: Voicethread


High Impact Workout

Collaboratively find creative commons licensed, thought provoking images at flickr.com. In your search for interesting pictures think about metaphors related to the themes of change, leadership, and learning as have been discussed in this workshop. Create and comment on a voicethread articulating why the images you chose resonated with you.


(1) The Team Leader

Your job is to watch the clock and make sure your team completes their tasks in the time allotted. Also, help them trouble shoot any difficulties that arise. You can do this by having your Networker access the network for help or walk over to another group in the room and get some face to face assisstance and see how another participant solved a similar problem. If all else fails you can ask me to join your group to help solve the problem. Mainly, you are to ensure your team works smoothly together, stays on task, and accomplishes the very best work they can in the time they have.



(2) The flickr Expert

Your job is to learn and share with your team how to use flickr to:

- find striking creative commons licensed images on flickr

- for each image that your team uses, make certain you record and cite: the flickr user's name, the title of the picture and link to the picture page on flickr.

- you must create a (free) flickr account

- you can edit pictures in your account, add "effects" or text; learn how to do this so you can edit pics in any way your group would like.




(3) The Voicethread Expert

Your job is to create a (free) Voicethread account, learn how to upload pictures from flickr, and leave text or voice comments. You'll also want to explore getting a free Pro account (Voicethread is very supportive of educators). You will also need to learn how to embed a Voicethread in another web page in order for your team to complete their task.


Voicethread Tutorial Video


One Minute Voicethread on Voicethread Tutorial




(4) The Networker

You must learn how to "add contacts" in skype. Add me (dkuropatwa) as a contact. I will add you to a "group chat" (in skype, maximum number of chat participants = 100, maximum number of people in a conference call = 10). Then, add all your team mates to the group chat. After that, there are two essential aspects to your job: (a) keep updating the chat log with what each of your team mates is doing and your team's overall progress; (b) whenever any of your team mates hits a trouble spot you will reach out to the network to find a solution and share that back with your team.


Add Skype Contact Tutorial


Skype Chat Tutorial



(5) The Wiki Expert

 Your task is to learn as much as you can about editing pages in pbwiki. The main thing you will be responsible for is learning (and sharing) how to embed html code so you can embed the team's Voicethread creation into your team's page on this wiki. Essentially, you will have to "copy and paste" but you'll need learn how to "Insert Plugins" too (click the blue EDIT PAGE button in the top left corner of this page to get started). Spend some time playing with the many plugins available if you like but first and foremost you have to be able to copy & paste html code to publish your team's Voicethread here.




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